Wednesday 123114

Happy New Years Eve!  Today’s class schedule is as follows:

6AM, 8:45AM & 10AM.  No Night Classes.

New Years Day we are closed.

Friday Normal Hours.

Enjoy the New Year!



Tabata Push-Ups


5 rounds for time of:

14 T2B /K2C

15 Box Jumps 30″/24″

Post time to board and journals.

Tuesday 123014

Only 2 days left in December.  Congrats to everyone that hit a PR in the Deadlift today.  You shouldn’t be surprised by how much stronger you are today versus 6 months ago.  After all, you have put a lot of hard work and effort into these lifts.  Enjoy the accomplishments.  Speaking of accomplishments….. Micah is turning 40 years old and getting stronger with age.  Pictured below is a new PR at 150kg ! Congrats!!

New Years Eve Hours – 6am – 8:45am & 10am  No night classes!

New Years Day Closed



December Challenge

100 squats for time

Strength WOD




For Time:

Kettlebell Swings

Post times to journal and board

Monday 122914

Last week of December.  Remember we will be closed on New Years Day – Jan 1st 2015.  Time to make some 2015 goals. Here are a few of my goals and solutions for 2015.

Goal 1: Attend yoga classes 1-2 per week.

  • Signing up tomorrow for a 10 class pack at Baker street or South Mountain.

Goal 2: Clean up Paleo diet / eat more veggies and less red meat.

  • Heading to Whole foods to get lots of veggies this week!



December Challenge

Strength WOD





In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:
4 minutes of clean and jerks, 60kg
4 minutes of rowing (cal)
4 minutes of burpees


Friday 122614

Hope everyone survived the Holidays. Lets get a few PR’s in before the year ends.  Also, get some heavy slow lifts in and get  back on track for our strength cycle.  Remember today we have 9am & 10:30am Class.  Then we will do Friday Night Lights from 6pm -8pm


December Challenge

100 Squats


100 DU for time

Strength WOD

Back Squats



For Time:

2x500m Row with 3 min rest in between.

Post both times to board and journals.

Friday Night Lights WOD

21,18, 15, 12, 9, 6. 3
Back Squat @ 60kg
40 Double Unders between each set

Post times to journal.

Wednesday 122414

 Happy Holidays to all CrossFit Maplewood members and their families!


Warm up

400m Run


“12 Days of CrossFit” aka Christmas.

Start at 1 and

then 2, 1

Then 3, 2, 1

Then 4,3, 2, 1..etc..

1. Push -up

2. Burpee

3. Back burpee

4. Sumo Deadlift

5. Goblet Squat

6. Kettlebell Swing

7. Box Jump

8. Tuck Jumps

9. Air Thrusters

10. Mountain Climbers

11. Jumping Lunges

12. 1 Arm DB or KB Snatch

Tuesday 122314

Last Day before we hit the Christmas Eve “12 Days of Christmas WOD” on Wednesday at 9AM.  Remember the hours this week will be changed.

Wed – 9AM “12 Days of Christmas WOD” This is the ONLY class.

Thursday – Closed

Friday – 9AM & 10 AM – FNL 6PM -8PM



500m Row
Sumo Deadifts
Box jumps


3 rounds for time:
Deadlift 100kg
T2B / K2C

Post times to board and journals.

Monday 122214

I am sitting at CrossFit 718 in Brooklyn on my final day at CrossFit Kids Cert. It’s a great class and lots of useful info to incorporate into CrossFit Maplewood Kids class program. I am planning on creating another page in the blog dedicated to CF kids.

Important reminder — No 6AM class on Friday Dec 26th. We will have a 9am and 10:30am as well as our Friday Night Lights 6-8pm. Bring refreshments.

400m Run! Yes Run!!
Plank hold game


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
Post times to board and journals.