Thursday 100115

October is here and we have a Friday Night Lights on Halloween Eve. You know what that means! WOD in costume! Details to come later in the month.

Don’t forget this Sunday Squat Clinic at 10am. 

New Warmups and challenges on the board. Check out the big PR board for 1 min max strict pull-ups and DU.

CFM has added some new overhead lights in prep for the dark winter mornings….Winter is coming John Snow..



October warmup


18min AMRAP

6 Box Jumps 30″/24″

8 G2O plate 20kg/15kg

10 Wallballs 20#/14#

Post times to journal and board.

Wednesday 093015

This Sunday at 10am, I will be doing a squat clinic for all members interested in perfecting their squat. This clinic will not be a strength workout nor will it have a WOD at the end.  The focus will be on learning to squat better. It’s perfect for those that need work on their squat ( you know who you are) and those that think their squat is near perfect but want a fine tuning so they can get stronger in their front and back squats. In other words, it’s for everyone! 

Here’s what you will get:

  1. Better mechanics
  2. Video analysis
  3. Proper bottom squat position
  4. More power for front and back squats
  5. Homework and goals. 


Reminder —- CrossFit teens today at 4pm


September Warmup

Strength WOD 

“CrossFit Maplewood Strength Ladder”

Warm up to a 1st set that starts around 50%to 60% of your 3RM.  If you don’t have a 3RM then subtract 10 percent off of your 1RM. Then begin to increase weight on each set or stay at the same weight. Do not fail on any sets. The idea is to get as many successful sets as possible for all 5 sets in order to get a total score. If you fail at any set, you lose that set and cannot add it to your total score. Add weight wisely on the Hanging squat cleans.

Front Squat

Hanging Squat Cleans (touch & go)


Post total weight for all 5 sets to board and journals.

Tuesday 092915

It’s important to learn new skills or master old ones. Even the simple things like a squat need to be practiced and tweaked. For the month of October we will practice perfect squats. Everyone needs to improve the squat mechanics so let’s dial it in.  


September Warmup

Technique WOD

Snatch Progressions 


3 rounds for time of:

10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

75 Squats
Post times to board and journals.

Monday 092815

Last week of September. Weather is changing so let’s get as much running as we can before winter hits.  Running or walking on the weekend can help with active recovery as well as reducing muscle soreness. Also, keep in mind, If you are sore or you are feeling a bit slow….. Take a rest day! I should not see your name on the board every single day. If you are doing WOD’s 5 days in a row every week then you are lowering your chances for improvement and Increasing your chances for injury. More is not better!


400m run

10 air squats

10 PVC front Squats

10 OH squats

10 wall squats


9 min AMRAP

10 medball cleans 

10 sit-ups 

10 medball Push Jerks

Post rounds and reps to board and journals.

Strength WOD


10 min EMOM 

Every minutes on the minute 4 deadlifts with 40% 1RM. Each rep will start from the standing position. Bar is lowered to just below the knee and is not allowed to touch the ground until 4 stands. Do not drop bar on last rep. 

Friday 092515

Tonight is Friday Night Lights. Show up anytime between 6pm and 7:30pm. We will have rolling heats. Warmup and be ready to go when your heat is called.

Join us Saturday at 9am for the “Welcome to CrossFit” class. We also have a 10:30am class for those members that want a bit more insane….. I mean intimate! 

 This is how you jump over fire!  

400m run

500m Row


“CFM Challenge” (all classes and FNL)

9 min AMRAP:

400m Run

20 T2B/K2C

20 Hang power cleans 50kg/35kg

20 Shoulder to Overhead 50kg/35kg

Max rep burpees …

Your score is total points for all the above except the run. If you complete all movements and 10 burpees your score is 70 points.

Post total points to board and journal.

Thursday 092415

Tonight is Barbell Night with Chas. Bring your OLY shoes and a weightlifting belt if you have it.  Remember to go light and work on form. Nothing is worse than seeing someone lift heavy weight with garbage form. Take the time to do it right!

This picture never gets old!   

September Warmup




Box Jumps 30″/24″

Post times to journals and board.

Strength WOD

Split Jerk


Wednesday 092315

We can’t forget to post a picture of the real Spartan’s! These young Spartans dominated the course and lived to tell us about it. They even gave me some advice on how to jump a fire. I plan on passing this info along to Glyn and Craig.  Congrats to all the Spartan Racers this month! 

 Gmar Chatimah Tovah.



September warmup


15 minute AMRAP: 

20 medBall cleans 20#/14#

10 Plate OH walking/Step Lunges. 15kg / 10kg

Post round and reps to board and journals.

Strength WOD

L holds for time on box, Rings or pull-up bar.

Post times to board and journals.