MONDAY 020116

So this past weekend, we had Glyn & Trish, Dave Carlson & Kathleen, and Matt & Carlin compete at the Beat the Bracket competition over at Crow Hill CrossFit in Brooklyn. I couldn’t be any prouder of how you guys showed up and performed, giving these young bucks a run for their money, and doing so despite barely practicing any of the WOD’s beforehand. This was a great experience, I’m sure you left the competition still fired up, and we’ll show up even better the next time around. It takes a lot to compete, to be willing to set your ego aside and test yourself and your fitness, and for that we tip our hats!

Warm up:
500m row then…
3 rds: 5 good mornings
10 push press
15 squats

Mob: front rack
101: Split jerk

EMOM 10:
1 p clean + 1 h clean + 1 split jerk

Three rds for MAX reps:
10- alt. DB snatch
5- burpee box jump overs
5- T2B
REST 2 mins

Snow angels @ 3X10
TYW @ 3X6

Friday 012916

Good luck to all athletes competing at Beat The Bracket. Last year only 2 people came home. Remember to get 8 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water the day before. The competition is NOTHING you haven’t done before ! Relax, breath and smile! Remember we are all doing this for FUN! 

The handsome dude pictured below is?? I am not going to give it away .. But I can definitely say it’s not Craig!

CrossFit Kids today at 4pm and 5pm.


January Warmup


15 min EMOM of:

Odd: 10 Pull-ups  

Even: 10 Thrusters 42kg/25kg


Odd: 10 Thrusters 42kg/25kg

Even: 10 Pull-ups 

In this workout you will have 6-9 people complete 10 pull-ups within 1 minute and then switch to 10 Thrusters for the next minute. 2 groups of 6-9 people can run at the same time alternating odd and even minutes. When one group is doing Pull-ups the other group can be doing Thusters. Once you are unable to complete all reps in the minute, reduce to 5 reps and continue. Load responsibly ! Score will be total reps combined in 16 minutes. 

Post total reps to board and journals. 

Thursday 012816

Big thank you to Cleg for making my week with this gem of a photo. It’s not every day we get to see circa 1990-93 Nickelodeon kids! I think we should all send in pictures from our high school or college days.  Family friendly photo’s only please! I will post the picture and everyone can guess which CFM member it is.  Now, lets get back to this picture below….Cleg, Woody Harrelson called , he wants his oufit back from White Men Can’t Jump!


January warmup


7 rounds for time:

5 Jumping Lunges 

7 T2B/K2C

9 Sit-ups

11 Box Jumps

Post times to board and journals.

Strength WOD


Work up to a heavy 5 rep OHS.


Wednesday 012716

Congrats to Kim on her first unassisted pull-up. Actually 2 pull-ups without a band and only 6 months after having a baby ! Awesome job Kim.   

CrossFit Teens Today at 4pm

  Iceland Annie’s squat. Hips crease below the knees. Good rep! 


January warmup


3 rounds for total max rep. The front squats start from the rack. 6AM class run heats. Each heat starts at 3min mark. Use DB if needed.

1 min max Push Jerks 60kg/35kg

1 min max Front Squats 60kg/35kg

1 min max Burpee

3 min rest.

Post times to board and journals.

Strength WOD

Complete all reps of one before moving on. Rest as needed. Not for time.

Strict Pull-ups

20 reps

Kipping Pull-ups

30 Reps

Chin – ups

10 reps

Tueaday 012615

Whole Life Challege is awesome ! I forget how much I really enjoy eating clean. The hardest part of eating healthy is the peer pressure. If you have friends like have…… then  you know how hard it is to pass up wings and beer! It’s ok If you get off track. Just commit to getting back on track right away. 


January Warmup

Strength WOD

Deadlift (No dropping bar or re-grip)

10 reps @ 60%1RM

7 reps at 70% 1RM

5 reps at 80% 1RM

3 reps at 90% 1RM


4 rounds for time: (compare to 022415)


10 V-ups

25 Squats

Post times to board and journals.

Monday 012516

Happy last Monday of January. This Saturday we have Beat the Bracket. Last year Chas and I represented CFM with a 3rd place finish.  My partner and I are preparing game strategies this week. That’s a secret, but you should be prepared to bring a few items.

  1. Favorite jump rope
  2. Lifting shoes
  3. wrist wraps
  4. change of clothes
  5. Food & Water


Quick warmup and get started on ROW or Back Squat warmups with barbell.


4K row for time.

* 6AM class Run 3 heats. Those not rowing are on Back Squats

Post times to board and journals.


Back Squat

3×4 @ 83% 1RM Back Squat.

Post loads to journals

Friday 012216

Prepare for the winter storm by stocking up on Paleo foods. Make sure you indulge responsibly this weekend on perhaps 1 dessert or a couple glasses of wine. The Whole Life Challenge will only get easier after this weekend. 

Saturday morning is a great time to get your snow boots on and trek over to CFM for a team WOD.  9AM & 10:30AM 

Reminder – CrossFit Kids today at 4pm & 5pm. 



January Warmup


For time:


DB Push Press 35lbs / 25lbs

Back Burpees

DB Thrusters 35lbs / 25lbs

Post times to board and jounals.