with a 20 lb vest, complete:
1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 air squats
1 mile run

… April Fools suckers!

Warm up:
3 rds
25 jumping jacks
25 clap jacks
25 twist jacks

Mobility: Couch stretch- 2 mins
Banded squat hold- 2 mins

Tempo goblet squat 6×6@4201

3 rounds for max reps:
45 secs ON/ 15 secs OFF
– Russian swings 24kg/ 16kg
– KB ball row
– KB press L
– KB press R
– Burpees
– 1 min REST


For those of you who haven’t met Kris yet, he’s been interning with us for the past two and a half months. Kris is one of my good friends, an accomplished and knowledgeable personal trainer in his own right, and also my Jiu Jitsu teammate and training partner. In short, he’s yoked, an expert in the field, and can kick ass! I actually get many coaching cues and mobility exercises from him, and I’m looking forward to seeing him contribute to our community here.

I could’ve had a few other CrossFit coaches (3 of whom have coached for me in the past at our old box) be put on staff to help me out sooner rather than later, but I still opted to grind it out and wait for Kris because I believe him to be the best coach for our box. The combination of his knowledge of the body and movement, and the fact that he actually cares about his athletes and clients is the reason why I held off contacting these other guys, even when that 445AM alarm began wearing on me (that’s a thing of the past now that we just moved to Maplewood, 30 more mins of sleep baby!)

I’ve been counting down the days that Kris’ gets CrossFit certified and his internship ends, and he can take some of the workload off of me. Well he’s finally getting certified this weekend! He will start coaching a few classes a week in May. So if you see him during any of the classes feel free to give him a warm hello and welcome if you haven’t already. As part of his internship (and because I’ll be away for the weekend), he’ll be running all the classes on Friday, and Johanna our kids coach along with Glyn one of our CrossFit certified members, will be running the show on Saturday.

PS- We’ll have a handful of newbs trying out the 9AM class on Saturday, so if you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself! Show em what our CFM community is all about.

Warm up
100 DU/ 300 singles then…
30 pull aparts
20 diagonal pull aparts
10 pass thru’s
10 TYW’s

Mobility: partner front rack stretch 4×20 secs

Strict press: 12 mins to find 1RM
Clean: 12 mins to find 1RM

5 pull ups
50 DU/ 100 singles


imageWarm up
4 rds:
5 tempo air squat @ 5201
7 pvc DL
9 sit-ups

Soft tissue: spinal erector smash 2 mins
Mobility: 5 mins OYO

Deadlift: 16 mins to find 1RM

40 wall balls 20#/14# then in time remaining:
Max rep p. Clean 60kg/ 40kg
-4 min REST-
40 p snatch 35kg/ 25kg then in time remaining:
Max rep MB clean 20#/14#



Katie Heatley overseeing Friday Night Lights.

I think when it comes to warm ups sometimes, we just go through the movements when we can utilize them so much more. We warm up to increase the blood flow to our muscles, increase our heart rate, loosen our joints, and because it’s universally accepted as a good way to mitigate any injuries that may happen with hard/ strenuous training.
We can borrow a few tips from yoga, and utilize conscious breathing to really use the warmup movements to connect to our bodies. It’s as simple as focusing on your inhale and exhales. Warm ups should also be used as a diagnostic tool for you to figure out what feels tight, what muscles are sore, what joints may seem cold or stiff, and that should help direct our mobility and soft tissue session afterward.
And on to our regularly scheduled WOD:

Warm up
100 single under then in time remaining:
6 t2b
8 goblet squats
10 russian swings

Mobility and Soft tissue: 6 mins OYO

Back squat:16 mins to find 1RM

10 burpees
15 T2B
20 KB front squat 24kg/ 16kg

Recovery: 800M run



Zach & Jerusha’s 16 month old Elliot working on that muscle up.

The CrossFit Open is complete! Thanks again to all of you guys for participating, and just showing up to Friday Night Lights to get in on the madness. I appreciated seeing and suffering with all of you.

The next big thing we have on our calendar is the Beat the Bracket competition on April 23rd. We’ve got about 7 teams competing from CFM, and we’re looking to F S up! For the month of April we’ll be resuming normal programming thanks to the end of the Open season, and really looking to maintain and peak our fitness for the competition. After the competition we will begin a strength cycle, after of which I’ll be looking forward to seeing many PR’s.

We’ve torn down what was left of the “fit aid table/ office” corner, so please excuse our appearance. We’ll be getting paint and mats to get the corner to match the rest of the place sometime this week, things have just been a little hectic as this week coincides with our move-in week.

Spouse Special has started! Thanks for everyone who has gotten their significant other to try this crazy CrossFit thing out, and now on to the WOD:

Warm up
5 kips
10 kb press
15 russian swings
20 sec superman hold

Mobility: DB halo 6×3
Soft tissue: 4 mins OYO

Push press: 6-5-4-3-3… Find 3RM

Rear flye: 5×12

AMRAP 10: Russian swing 24kg/ 16kg


CFM17Friday Night Lights tomorrow night! And it’s the last Open WOD, so we’re expecting a good turnout. Bring your families! As a CFM tradition, we will head over to O’Reilly’s for wings and beer afterward.
Also, not this Saturday but next, on April 2nd is bring a friend day, for the first Saturday of the month. We’ve got a couple new people coming in that day, and it would be a perfect time to get your friend in here who’s always been gun shy about giving CrossFit a try. Please have them email me to reserve a spot, since our last bring a friend day got very crowded.
We’ve still got one remaining spot for the Spouse Special!

Warm up
400M run then
3 rds:
5 snatch bal
5 snatch

Mobility: Thacker
Soft tissue: 6 mins OYO, focus on lats, traps, and pecs.

OHS 5-3-3-1-1…
10 mins to find 1rm

Hang snatch 8×2

For time:
30 p clean and p jerk 60kg/ 40kg


DSC_0412ONE SPOT LEFT… for the Spouse Special. Thanks to everyone who’s got their spouse to give CrossFit a try, I promise we’ll take great care of them.

CrossFit Teens today at 4pm!

Warm up
5 kips
5 ring rows
5 t spine rotations

Mobility & Soft tissue: 5 mins OYO

EMOM ladder of ascending pull ups and push ups

7 t2b
14 GTO w/ plate 25kg/ 15kg
-Rest 2 mins-
5 burpees
10 KB clean & press 24kg/ 16kg