Friday Night Lights tonight! Even if you get your WOD in the morning, stop by if you can and have a beer with us!

First heat starts at 615, get in and get it done so you can sit back and have your drink.

Warm up
3 rds of Bear Complex on barbell

Mobility: T spine opener- 3 mins
5 mins OYO

Establish a 1RM or 3RM on one of the following lifts:
Back squat – Deadlift – Strict Press
Choose the lift that you don’t have a record for yet OR whichever you haven’t done more recently. This is all in preparation of Wendell’s 531 which we’ll start on Monday.

Prep: 30 pull aparts
20 pass thru’s
10 KB halo
3 rds: 4 thrusters (build up each round)
4 pull ups

21 – 15 – 9
Thrusters 44kg/ 27kg
Pull ups



Matt killing it at Beat the Bracket.

Jim Wendler’s 531 is a famous and time tested powerlifting program based off 90% of your 1RM for four core movements:  Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Overhead Press. We will not be doing bench (not until we get enough bench’s anyway), but doing the other 3 lifts instead.

With this program, as with CrossFit, everything is quantifiable, so it’s vital to keep a record of your numbers if you are interested in following the program and measuring your performance progress.  If you aren’t too concerned with performance and just want to get a great fitness workout then that’s also fine.

I understand not everyone will be able to make all the training sessions and that’s ok, you’ll just continue with the set/rep scheme as prescribed on the days you come in.

This program will ONLY work off of 90% of your 1RM. You’ll be working on a 3 day training cycle. Week 1 is your 5 reps, week 2 is your 3 reps, week 3 is your 5/3/1 rep and week 4 will be your de-load week, with each cycle lasting one month. At the start of week 5, (which is basically week 1 all over again) we will add 2-3 kg’s to the strict press and 5 kg’s to the squat and deadlift.

The work schedule will look like this:

Yes, yes I know, at this point you’re saying to yourself, “what the hell is Chas talking about”, not to worry I will have a Wendler calculator uploaded to the Daily WOD, so that you can have your percentages worker out prior to the cycle starting.  For your convenience you will have your weight percentages for the entire month.

This site that does all the math for you, all you’ve got to do is plug in your max, and all the calculations for each day is computed, including your warm up sets.
NOTE: It is your duty to know the numbers you’ll be doing when you come in, we’re not to sit around with our calculators plugging numbers away figuring out al; the percentages and numbers when you have this site that does all that for you. Come prepared, no excuses.
Wender 531 calculator

This program will start light and progress slowly but you will break personal repetition records on a weekly basis.  So if you squat 100kg x 5 and then 100kg x 8 you have gotten stronger, by default your 1RM will also be higher.

The Wendler Strength program is a pure strength program, but like I said before our programming will not change. We will still add our conditioning met-cons daily and we will also add Olympic and gymnastics skills throughout the programming.

Week 1 starts on Monday.

Warm up
3 rds:
100 DU/ 200 singles
20 air squat
30 sec hang on pull up bar

Mobility: Banded squat hold- 2 mins
Soft tissue: hip flexors- 2 mins

Strict press/ back squat (choose whichever you hadn’t done more recently)
8-6-4-3-3… Find 3RM
8-6-4-3-1… Find 1RM
If you recently established a 1RM on strict press/ back squat the last time we did it, opt for the 3rm instead, and vice versa.

15 c2b pull ups
20 hang cleans 50kg/ 35kg
-REST 2 mins

Recovery: accumulate 4 mins in lizard



Excellent Superman position by Kathleen on her pull ups during Beat the Bracket.

Friday Night Lights this Friday! Come one, come all. Bring your kids, bring your wives, bring your husbands! (anyone get that reference?) We’ve got a ton of beer in the fridge that we need help finishing, so feel free to have at it after the WOD.

Show up no later than 7pm, sign up for a heat, warm up on your own, and get ready to throw down.

Sign ups on the board for the Whole Life Challenge and Spartan Race.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been checking in, it’s making a difference for all these families affected by autism.

Warm up:
with a light KB (16kg/ 12 kg)
1 deadlift
1 good morning
1 Russian swing
1 single leg deadlift (1 each side, hold bell in the opposite hand that is deadlifting)
*Add one rep each round. So round 2 would be 2 reps of everything, 3 would be 3…

Soft tissue: lacrosse ball or foam roller on spinal erectors- 2 mins
Mobility: 3 mins OYO

Deadlift (15 mins)
6-5-4-3-3… Find 3RM
6-4-3-2-2-1-1… Find 1RM
If you recently established a 1RM on deadlift the last time we did it, opt for the 3rm instead, and vice versa.

Death by KBS
1 KBS on the first minute.
2 KBS on the second minute.
3 KBS on the third minute.
… and so on, and so forth.

Recovery: 800M run



If it tastes that good, I’ll have what he’s having.

Starting next week, the first week of May, we’ll be starting an 8 week strength cycle of Jim Wendler’s 531. I’m expecting a bunch of big PR’s from you guys towards the end of June when we’ll do another CrossFit Total. We’ll take this time to focus on strength, as it will only help our overall fitness and health, and also help our performance on WOD’s.

And for those of you thinking you don’t need the extra strength work, wrong. A large number of studies the past few years showed that after age 40, people typically lose 8 percent or more of their muscle mass each decade, and that process accelerates significantly after age 70. Less muscle mass generally means less strength, mobility and among the elderly, independence. It also has been linked with premature mortality. Exercise and strength training specifically, will mitigate that.

And not to worry, our programming won’t change that much, promise.

Warm up:
With a partner, perform 10 reps of each:
– Chest Passes
– Overhead Passes
– Side Passes
– Squat + Pass to Partner
– Throw to Partner, Do a Burpee
– Sit Up + Toss to Partner

Mobility: T Spine extension with foam roller and KB as anchor – 2 mins
Soft tissue: lacrosse ball on pecs – 2 mins

Prep: 5 mins to build up to their working weight then 2 rds:
6 wall ball
4 p snatch
2 OH lunge

8 wall balls 20#/ 14#
6 p snatch 40kg/ 30kg
4 OH lunges

Tabata: Row for cal.
Tabata: T2B


13015134_10153526550694599_7014970867358614079_nGreat work to everyone who competed at Beat the Bracket! With the practice and experience, everyone ended up doing even better than last time. I genuinely enjoyed competing alongside all of you, and felt very proud of how we did.

We’ve got a sign up for the Spartan Race for June 12th and the Whole Life Challenge which starts May 7th. The Spartan Race, which happens to be their “Sprint” (3-5 miles) is great especially for anyone who hasn’t done a mud run yet but is interested too. It’s a fun race and the distance is very manageable at around 5 miles.

For more info on the WLC (Whole Life Challenge) check out:

Warm up
400M run then…
3 rds
5 pass thru’s w band
5 tempo OHS w band
10 OH step lunges w band

Mobility: choose between ankle or hip distraction/ lizard- 3 mins

“Nancy” (Lite) compare to 110415
400M run
15 OHS 44kg/ 30kg

Strength: strict chin ups 5×6



One day til Beat the Bracket! If you’d like to spectate, come thru CrossFit GSP in Paramus. We’ll be there from around 9am- 3pm ish.

And don’t forget to “Check- In” on FaceBook. Every two check ins provides one minute of autism therapy to an autistic child in need.

Warm up:
2 rds with pvc, 6 reps each:
Pass thru’s
Good Mornings
Bent Over Row
then… 2 rds with barbell

Soft tissue: tricep smash/ lat smash- 3 mins
Mobility: front rack

Prep: 3 rds build up in weight
9 deadlift
6 hang power clean
3 push press

15 mins to find a heavy complex of:
1 Deadlift + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Press.

12 Deadlift 50kg/ 35kg
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Press


CFM31Warm up:
800M run then
3 rds
30 pull aparts
OH DB carry
6 blackburns

Mobility & Soft tissue: 5 mins OYO

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10
Double Unders (Singles 2 to 1)
Sit Ups

Strict press
6-5-4-3… Find 3rm
Dips 4×10