For the hot month of July, we will be providing safe drinking water to people in need all over the world.

Every check-in at CrossFit Maplewood provides 50 gallons of drinking water through H2OpenDoors, yep FIFTY.

H2OpenDoors is a program of The Rotary Club with a long term goal of providing access to clean, safe drinking water for one million people in developing nations.

To learn more about H2OpenDoors, check out their site at: http://www.h2opendoors.org

When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #givewater to your posts. It’s a great way to remind your friends of why you’re checking in!

Together, we can help raise people out of poverty by providing access to safe drinking water!

All classes cancelled on Monday July 4th EXCEPT for a 9AM WOD! Have a great weekend and a good 4th y’all.

Warm up: 800M run

Mobility & Soft tissue: 5 mins OYO

Skill: Turkish get ups
4×3(per side)
Go light, proper movement patterned body control should be the focus.

Prep: 3 rds
4 pull ups
5 deadlifts
*increase load each round, working up to WOD weight

12 pull ups
14 deadlifts 70kg/ 50kg
400M run
-REST 2 mins-


13095764_10153678028664007_4189636784855276761_n.jpgWarm up:
With a partner and a medball 10#/8#, perform 10 reps of each:
Chest Passes
Overhead Passes
Side Tosses
Squat then pass to partner
Throw to partner, do a Burpee

Mobility: Bands

Strict press: 12 mins to find 1RM

Prep 3 rds:
3 push press
3 T2B
3 Thrusters
*increase load each rd working up to WOD weight

EMOM for as long as possible (until you cannot complete movements in allotted minute)
5 Push press 35kg/ 25kg
6 T2B
7 Thrusters 35kg/ 25kg


DSC_0546.JPGJuly 4th schedule: 9AM WOD only, all other classes are cancelled.

Warm up
4 rds
3 broad jump
6 toe touches
9 groiners
then 400M run

Mobility: t spine opener- 2 mins
Soft tissue: foam roll OYO- 2 mins

EMOM 5- max distance broad jump
use a piece of chalk to mark where your heels land after each round.

Even: 6 DB/ KB step ups each leg
Odd: 6 ball slams

For time: 2000M row


DSC_0544.JPGGreat job on the PR’s today guys. I saw improved technique and strength for many of you, and that’s awesome. As Mark Rippetoe says, “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people. And more useful in general”.

The goal of our programming at CrossFit Maplewood will always be for general physical preparedness (GPP), through the practice and training of all energy systems (long slow endurance WODs, short heavy sprint type WODs, and everything in between) and physical skills, but its nice to focus and specialize on a specific tenet of fitness such as strength, or maybe endurance, flexibility, etc, for a brief amount of time to make significant/ noticeable gains and improvement.

If you weren’t able to make it in on our 1RM test days, feel free to make it up another day in lieu of whatever strength we have programmed, or maybe during Saturdays open gym session in between the 9am and 1030am class.

Warm up
100 Russian swings

Mobility: 5 mins OYO

Deadlift- 15 mins to find 1RM.

5 rds
4 p snatch + 2 OHS
Start with the bar, and increase load each round, ending at WOD weight.

OH Squat (115/75lbs)

rest 5min

Power Snatch (115/75lbs)



The Coach Kris bookmark. With this fine picture marking my books, I can finish any book!

We are finally DONE with Wendler! We’ll be hitting some 1RM’s this week, and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys hit some new personal bests.
Remember that the stronger you get, your PR’s will come in smaller and smaller increments. They will NOT be as dramatic as the PR’s you once got when you weren’t as strong, but a PR is a PR, even if its just a kilo.

As always, but especially so when looking to hit a new record, mind your technique. Your setup will be crucial and determine whether you get the weight up or not.

There will also be many factors to whether you PR or not. Factors such as how much you’ve come in to train, how many days of Wendler you completed, how your rest or sleep was, how much you ate, whether you’re properly hydrated or not, but these are all factors within your control, or a low hanging fruit as I like to call it.

We’ll also be cancelling all classes for the 4th, but we’ll do a 9am WOD. Depending on how many people show up, we may also do two heats. We’ll throw down and have fun either way.

Warm up
400M run
30 sec hang on pull up bar
10 reach thru’s
10 striders
10 walkouts
10 air squats
3×5 bear complex

Mobility: banded squat hold- 2 mins

Back squat- 15 mins to find 1RM.

For time:
5 bear complex 50kg/ 35kg
800M run
5 bear complex
400M run
5 bear complex
200M run


Warm up
400M run
10 pass thru’s
20 toe touch’s
30 PVC deadlifts
400M run

Mobility: banded hamstring/ adductor stretch- 2 mins
Soft tissue: spinal erectors- 2 mins

Wendler’s 531 DEADLIFT day WEEK 4 DELOAD
40% of 90% of 1RM x 5
50% of 90% of 1RM x 5
60% of 90% of 1RM x 5

400M run
21 KBS 24kg/ 16kg
12 pull ups


Warm up- 800M run

Mobility: front rack & shoulders

Push press- 10 mins to find 3rm

“Cindy” (compare to 030316)
5 pull ups
15 air squats

-REST 3 mins-

Min 1: 4 TGU (2 per side)
Min 2: 10 T2B/ 6 hanging leg raise
Min 3: 40 DU/ 80 singles