Where: CrossFit Maplewood
When: This Saturday the 27th
Time: 1130AM
Note: POTLUCK! I’ll be bringing tons of meat to throw on the grill, feel free to bring whatever appetizer/ food/ desert that you like. Bring yo’ kids, bring yo’ wives, bring yo’ husbands!

Warm up:
800M run
20 wall balls
400M run
20 pull aparts
200M run
10 banded presses

Mobility: 2 mins on either halo’s OR banded shoulder distraction
front rack

Front squat: 10-9-8-7 then 6×6 @70-75%

Min 1: 2 Push Press
Min 2: 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk
Min 3: 5 Push Jerk
– The goal for today is to maintain the same load across all 5 rounds. This should be roughly around 65-70% of their 1RM Push Jerk. However, rather than use percentages, go on feel for the day. Ideally, you want to start with the load feeling pretty challenging and end with it feeling REALLY heavy in the last few rounds. The weight stays the same for min 1-3. If you do want to make any changes in weight, you should do it at the end of a round.
– Some of us may not really have any idea YET of what we can lift, so starting somewhere comfortable and then adding weight as you go is totally fine. More experienced athletes should be shooting for maintenance across the sets.

For time: 100 thrusters 20kg/ 15kg

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