Warm up
3 strict pull ups
6 walk outs
9 Russian swings

Mobility: KB hang posterior chain stretch- 2 mins

If you’re feeling up for a PR on your 5RM, go for it. If not, just build up to 5 reps at about 70% of your 1RM.

Min 1: 30 sec hollow rocks
Min 2: 30 sec bar hang
Min 3: 10 parallette heel touches

4 DB man makers 35#/ 25#
8 DB box step overs


Just a reminder that we’ll be having an end of Summer BBQ at 1130 on Saturday the 27th. So that’s not this Saturday, but next. It’ll be a potluck, I’ll be bringing tons of meat to throw on the grill, feel free to bring whatever appetizer/ food/ desert that you like.

Warm up
4 rounds with a plate:
5 plate burpees
10 halo’s
15 GTO

Mobility: Banded front rack stretch- 3 mins
Soft tissue: 4 mins OYO

14 mins to build to a heavy of the following complex:
3 touch and go power cleans + push press + push jerk

“Tiger Blood”
400m Run
10 Clean & Jerks 50kg/ 35kg

Recovery: 300 single unders/ 800M recovery row


Rotate onto next movement every 30 secs for 5 mins, so two rounds down the list, of:
Ski jumps
Glute bridges
Med ball over the shoulders
Prison walks

Mobility/ Soft tissue: OYO/ Coach’s recommendation- 5 mins

Skill/ Strength: Turkish Get Up
2-2-2-2-2-2 per side
The goal is not weight, but immaculate form.

Odd: 2 strict pull ups @ 3332 + max strict pull ups (stop 1 rep short of failure)
Even: REST

Prep: 3 rds
4 DB thrusters

3 rounds for max reps:
Min 1: Row for cal
Min 2: OHS 20kg/ 15kg
Min 3: DB thrusters 40#/ 25#


Warm up:
30 DU/ 60 singles
5 ring rows
5 MB slams
5 tempo squat w a 5 ct.

101: Gymnastics kip
Those who have their kip down, will do a 9 min EMOM of:
7 kips + 5 kipping knees to elbows (transition into T2B if you can)
Every 90 secs, for a total of 6 rds in 9 mins.

Mobility: front rack
Soft tissue: banded lat smash- 2 mins

Strength: Power clean 5-5-5-5-5-5-5
Work up to heavy.

10 burpees
20 wall balls 20#/ 14#
30 KBS 24kg/ 16kg


Warm up
800M run then with a light KB, 2 rounds of:
40 russian swings
20 goblet squats
10 kb halo
5 clean & press per side

Mobility: banded shoulder distraction in a squat- 2 mins
banded YW scapular activation 5×5

Prep: 3 rds
5 DB clean and jerks
3 goblet squats
5 pull ups
3 box jumps
5 KB snatch per side
(build up each rd working up to WOD weight)

9 DB clean and jerks 45#/ 25#
7 pull ups
5 box jumps 30”/ 24”

-REST 3 mins-

9 burpees
7 goblet squats 24kg/ 16kg
5 KB snatch per side


Friday guys, we made it, it’s the end of the week. Today’s WOD is brought to you by Matt Powell.

Warm up: 3 rds
20 pull aparts
15 banded good mornings
10 pass thru’s
5 helicopters

Mobility/ Soft tissue: 5 mins OYO

Prep: 3 rds
3 T2B
5 pull ups
7 Russian swings

“Raleigh Dog” – a Matt Powell creation.
In 3 mins, complete 1 round of:
25 pull ups
25 KBS 24kg/ 16kg
– If you finish before the 3 mins are up, rest and wait for the next 3 min round to start of:

25 T2B
25 KBS
– If you finish before the 3 mins are up, rest and wait for the next 3 min round to start of ^

Keep going until you are no longer able to complete a round in your alotted 3 min window. Score is total amount of reps completed.

Recovery: ROMWOD


IMG_7812.JPGThis month’s athlete of the month is… Trish Heatley! As most of you have noticed, Trish is a beast. She is always at the top of the leaderboard, beating the guys even on most of the WOD’s, has competed at two CrossFit competitions, a really hard worker, and a team player. Trish is usually the first if not one of the first to finish the WOD, and you can always count on her to cheer you on as you finish. Whilst most of us are still on the ground catching our breath, she’s often kind enough to help you put your stuff away.

Trish reminds me a little of Sam Briggs, and not only because they sort of sound the same lol, but also because she’s got an insane work capacity. The longer, tougher, and grittier the WOD, the better she does. Trish we’ll miss you and your family, your fierce competitive spirit, your quick witted remarks, and the way you push those around you to do their best. I will not miss however, the “What’s the WOD” ”texts at night when I forgot to post the WOD because she’s a little crazy and NEEDS to know what’s on tap for tomorrow before she hits the bed haha.

I wanted to also take the time to acknowledge her husband, Glyn. Glyn always sticks out in people’s minds as one of the first people to make them feel welcome and at home here at our box. He certainly was for me as well. Glyn is that guy who waits on the sidewalk and cheers you on as you run back at the end of your WOD from a 400M or 800M run, while he’s still huffing and puffing because he just finished too. Glyn has got awesome technique on his lifts, is strong as an ox (and looks like one), has competed twice like Trish and kicked ass, and he’s such a positive and supportive cheerleader to everyone around him. Glyn has also done a tremendous job helping me coach on some Saturdays, and even helped run the show while I’m not there, which I’m grateful for. Glyn I really hope you pursue opening a garage box and coaching over in the UK. You would make a terrific coach and mentor to people, you’ve got the personality for it, and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on that. For now, I’ll catch you on Facebook in all the perverted and immature things you tag me in (penis shapes cupcakes, lady boys from Thailand, etc), keep em comin.

Trish and Glyn, we’ll miss you and your family! Can’t wait to visit y’all next year. Thanks for always having my back and being so supportive and such great friends. Love you guys!

Warm up:
4 rds:
30 jumping jacks
6 striders
4 tempo air squat (5 sec)

Mobility: front rack
Soft tissue: traps- 2 mins

Power clean: 9-7-5-3 building up to WOD weight

“The Chief”
3 power cleans 60kg/ 40kg
6 traditional push ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute.
Repeat for a total of 5 cycles. If you counted this workout to last 19 mins, you’re right.

– REST 3 mins

EMOM 9 (every 90 secs, 6 sets)
3 Tempo pull ups @3332